Cathedral pipe organ project

Trinity Cathedral’s 1983 Reuter pipe organ has served the Cathedral well for thirty years. It has played thousands of services and hundreds of weddings and memorial services. While not the largest pipe organ in Sacramento, it’s tonal qualities are among the best in the community; it is known for its refined, elegant sound, and has been played by some of the world’s great organists, who have complemented it’s fine tonal quality.

Like anything of a certain age, it has started to manifest some problems in the last few years, which I have done my best to work around. However, this has presented many challenges, some of which are increasingly difficult to deal with. After careful assessment, our organ technician and other consultants have made specific recommendations for work to be done on the organ.

● Replacement of the façade pipes, (the large visible pipes in the front) which are collapsing under their own weight, due to the use of sub-standard zinc in the original installation.

● Thorough cleaning of organ interior, and regulation and cleaning of some pipes. The interior has thirty years of dust, plaster, and Christmas tree needles (!), which will cause mechanical problems if not cleaned up.

● Updating of electronics in the console (which have become increasingly unreliable) to twenty-first century standards.

● Replacing the main air reservoir, damaged when a pipe burst in the furnace and flooded the blower room. The reservoir controls the air-supply which makes the pipes speak.

● Releathering the swell expressions shades (ie. louvres which make the sound louder or softer).

The total cost of this project is estimated to be around $50,000, and we’d like to get the work done before any of these problems become critical. In the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing about a fund-raising campaign to keep the music playing!

Anyone with specific questions about the Cathedral organ project are invited to contact me at any time: or 916-446-2513 ext 224.

Details and full specification of the Cathedral organ is here:


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