Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata #159

The great Johann Sebastian Bach was a working church musician, and his music for the church runs the gamut:  from simple re-harmonizations of the Lutheran Chorales, to organ works, to the major works such as the Magnificat, St Matthew Passion and Mass in b minor.  One of his primary responsibilities as Cantor at St Thomas, Leipzig, was to compose a cantata for each of the Sundays of the year.  In Lutheran worship of the time, the cantata followed the sermon at Sunday worship.

Bach wrote hundreds of these cantatas, and many of them have been lost.  But about two-hundred or so have come down to us, and they comprise a large percentage of his output.

Now we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written by the prophets about the Son of Man is to come true. St Luke 18: 31

The Cathedral Choir with chamber orchestra will present his Cantata #159 “Sehet, wir gehn hinauf gen Jerusalem” on Sunday, April 10th at the 11:15 am service, as a musical sermon. This lovely cantata was written at the same time as Bach’s massive St Matthew Passion, and shares many stylistic similarities to it.

The Trinity Cathedral Choir, Canon David Link, conductor
Maria Bueb, soprano
Douglas Salazar, countertenor
Jay Leach, tenor
Patrick Kenealey, baritone
Curtis Kidwell, oboe
Nancy Metzger, continuo organist

Also featured in the service will be the powerful anthem “Out of the Depths” by Alan Hovhaness, sung by the Cathedral Choir with Maria Bueb, soprano.

Please join us for this unique and rare performance, as we set our hearts and minds to the passion of our Lord.


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