Class 1: Incarnation/God with us

This is the first in a series of four classes intended to teach four basic cornerstones of Christianity.  Each class focuses on ways in which Jesus and the teachings of Christianity strive to overcome a particular obstacle in the spiritual life. The first class looks at how God in Christ overcomes our sense of isolation, estrangement and loneliness.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 responses to “Class 1: Incarnation/God with us

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  2. In your sermon (9/5), I was deeply touched. I was feeling very isolated, sad, and lost. I suddenly felt alive again–a sense of belonging and being found. I felt stimulated and alert again in your first class; like I’m coming back to life. I’ve started seeing clients again and when I work with people in pain, I am at my best–like you described being a priest when someone is dying. There’s no life for me without my work and teaching. And I am looking for avenues where I can teach again. That’s all I think about. Thank you for your sermons that touch my heart, and your class is very fulfilling. I missed the second one, but I’ll look for it on web this week. LK

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