Get Involved in Ministry with Safe Ground

Safe Ground Sacramento is a community of homeless people who camp together. It is also a movement to establish a legal living space for homeless people.  It is illegal in Sacramento to camp outdoors for more than 24 hours in any one place—public or private.  Since the first freeze in December 2009, we at Trinity have provided a safe, warm, dry alternative.

Up to two nights in a row, when the weather is exceptionally wet or cold, we host Safe Ground in our Great Hall and upstairs classrooms.  We have fed and sheltered anywhere between 40 and 120 men and women on a given night; the average has been about 80.  We give them a hot dinner, a safe place to sleep, and breakfast the next morning.  We also come just to spend time with them.  We tell stories.  We listen.

Would you like to serve with us?  There are many opportunities to help cook dinner, swap stories, or stay the night. 

Steve Skiffington and Kirstin Paisley facilitate the Safe Ground ministry.  Volunteers are notified by e-mail when an event is coming up.  They can then sign up for whatever they’d like to do.  Steve coordinates dates with Safe Ground, and manages the volunteer e-list. 

If you’d like to volunteer in any capacity, or visit on a night when we’re hosting, please contact Steve

If you’re interested specifically in being a chaplain to our guests—in holy listening—please contact Kirstin

We’re also investigating opportunities for relationship when the weather is warmer.  If you have ideas, time or a skill to share, please contact Kirstin.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact either of us.  If you’d like to contribute food or money, donations are always welcome.  If you want to visit when we have company, please feel free.  We’d love to see you!

Kirstin Paisley


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