Sacramento Bee Article on Trinity’s Homeless Ministry

Jennifer Garza visited our new homeless ministry on Monday night.  We have started feeding and housing up to 120 (so far) homeless people when it gets wet or cold.  There are lots of people with no place to go, and when it is raining or cold, it is not only uncomfortable, it is dangerous.  A group of Trinity folks decided to partner with the “safe ground” movement and open our parish hall.  We don’t have any authorization to be a “shelter” and we don’t want to adversely impact our neighbors, so we don’t do this more than two nights in a row.  We are working on getting other churches to partner with us so there is a place for people to go on other nights.  I’ve posted the first paragraphs of Jennifer’s article.  The full article is HERE.

The homeless people who walk through the doors of Trinity Cathedral in midtownSacramento have faith in the church, the only one in the area to offer them a hot meal and a roof over their heads.

Since mid-December, the homeless have escaped the wet and cold for a warm sleeping bag on the floor of the church hall twice a week. A slice of heaven on earth, said one.

“You have no idea how much that means,” saidRonnie Holiday,who has been on the streets for years. “They’re going to be blessed for doing this, I’ll tell you that.”

No other church runs a program like the one atTrinity Cathedral, homeless advocates said.

Read the entire article HERE.


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