Trinity Welcome 2009

By Dean Brian Baker

 Last year, Trinity Cathedral began the tradition of having a special offering to help us serve more people.    Our goal in 2008 was to  raise money for a Cathedral security system that would allow us to open the Cathedral during business hours; to improve the lighting in the Cathedral; to start a Saturday night service and to advertise for growth.

 The generosity of Trinity worshippers has made it possible to accomplish many of those goals. We have  installed new lighting in the nave.  We have a thriving service on Saturday night.  Thanks to our new advertising, we are no longer a well kept secret.  We have experienced significant growth, including many more families with young children.  The attendance in the last two newcomer classes is about double the attendance of the same classes last year.  Our goal of installing a security system, unfortunately, has  not yet been reached due to technical limitations.

One very important part of our Trinity Cathedral ministry is to serve others through our facility.  We have a staggering number of groups that meet in our building.  I was recently moved when I saw the drama program for autistic children who meet in the Assembly area.  I’m always impressed by the daily noon NA meeting in the Great Hall.  There are many more such groups and organizations  in our community for which Trinity    Cathedral provides a safe, central and nurturing place to meet.

This month, we are launching a new Trinity Welcome campaign that will build on the success we had last year, and guarantee that our facility and programs continue to serve our community.  The first priority of this new campaign will be to replace the carpet on the second floor of our administrative buildings, and to update and touch up some of the paint.  One of my most significant impressions of Trinity when I visited 3 ½ years ago was how tattered and worn the carpet was.  Other items could include kitchen supplies and  appliance repair, a bike rack and support for our new children’s choir.

 I am excited about the possibilities as we work hard to extend Trinity’s tradition of hospitality to many who have not yet come through our doors. It will take a large team, sharing in many ways, to make our vision a reality.

 What I ask of you now is this: pray daily about what your generous gift to this offering might be. When you are satisfied that you have the answer that is right for you, bring your Trinity  Welcome gift to be placed on the altar during our special commitment on Sunday, July 12.


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