Every nickel and dime…

By Anita Williams, Senior Warden

There’s just no denying that times are tough.  More and more of our parishioners are out of work or living on reduced incomes.  At our house, one of us is on monthly furloughs and the value of our retirement plans is down considerably. 

 Like most of you, we thought we were doing everything right.  We bought a house we could afford, paid our bills on time and have very little consumer debt.  Now we carefully consider every purchase for its need and value.  This is why we’re being careful to support local businesses and crafts persons, and why we buy more from local farmers.  It’s why we’re recycling more, consuming less, learning to do more with less or just do without. 

 It’s also why, this year, we’re actually giving more time, talent and treasure to Trinity and to the diocese than in years past. We know it is money and time well spent, and we get such an excellent return on our investment.

 This past year on the vestry has really been an eye opener for me. One of the best parts has been learning how many things Trinity can accomplish on very little money.  I credit clergy, staff and volunteers for their extraordinary efforts in finding ways to run their ministries and programs, and manage their responsibilities, with fewer financial resources.  When I think of our hard working staff especially, it shows me just how committed they are to Trinity. This is more than just a job for them.  Please let them know their efforts are appreciated.

 Last year, the vestry voted to only approve budgets where we had a reasonable expectation of income to meet our financial obligations.  It meant we had to make some hard choices, but we seem to be surviving – even thriving – on this new austerity.  Our financial position is better now than it has been in the recent past.  We have more new members, and a new energy seems to have captured our congregation in the very best ways. Don’t get me wrong – we still need to do all we can to give Trinity the support it needs to carry out its mission.

 Let’s keep Trinity a vibrant place with resources for all its members and the larger community. Trinity has various supports for wherever we are on our journeys. If you’re unsure about how to cope with your own new-found austerity, if you’re unemployed or facing other issues that seem too big to handle, Trinity probably has resources to help you through it. How to access these resources?  It’s easy.  Ask a clergy person, a vestry member, or attend the next ministry fair. Sign up for Trinity’s weekly e-Newsletter by selecting “Sign up for the e-Newsletter” on Trinity’s homepage.  It’s an easy way to stay connected and informed about this amazing church.

 Contact Anita at anita.trinity@gmail.com or on most Sunday mornings at church.


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