Lenten Meditation – March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2


            Whatever happened to Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima?


“Those three Sunday before Lent

will prepare us to repent;

That in Lent we may begin

earnestly to mourn for sin.”


I was very proud of myself as a child when I could finally pronounce those three words.  We did indeed prepare, thinking of something we enjoyed so much, to give up for Lent.  Would it be movies, candy, ice cream—or something like roller skating or bicycling to school?  We could walk to school instead.

The day the Lenten boxes came out was the time to declare what we would give up.  Because I grew up during the depression, and no one had much money, pennies were carefully put into the box.  We tried very hard to fill our boxes before Easter Sunday. 

On Easter, we proudly took our boxes up to the altar rail and they were lovingly placed there for all to see.

After Whitsunday all of the Junior Choirs in Los Angeles went to St. Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate the Lenten boxes.  The Contents went for missionary work around the world.  I remember processing in with the choir singing “Crown Him With Many Crowns”.  The choir robes were so colorful and the music truly filled the cathedral.

Not a Lenten or Easter season goes by without my thinking of these things.

            Barbara Medders


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