English Cathedral organist visits Trinity

This coming weekend we will be visited by Mr David Dunnett, who is organist at Norwich Cathedral in England.  David will be the guest conductor for our Twenty-third Annual Diocesan Choir Festival to be held on Saturday.  He will work with choirs from all around our Diocese, from as far away as Red Bluff.  And we are also welcoming some singers from the Diocese of San Joaquin.  The Festival culminates with a service of Choral Evensong at 3:00 pm, to which all are invited.  The service will include music by J. S. Bach, Mark Blachly, and Anton Bruckner.

On Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm, Mr Dunnett will take command of the Cathedral’s organ console, with a virtuoso program of music by J. S. Bach, Cesar Franck, Charles Marie Widor and others, and even including Ludwig von Beethoven’s one organ piece!  Organ music lovers will definitely want to be there.

You are invited to both of these events… it’ll definitely be worth your time, and you’ll hear some really fantastic music!!

Trinity Cathedral's Reuter pipe organ

Trinity Cathedral's Reuter pipe organ


One response to “English Cathedral organist visits Trinity

  1. On this weeks theme of change, try a different spiritual experience. Skip the Sunday Morning Services and attend the evensong on Saturday or listen to the Organ Recital on Sunday. You may come to realise why this is the music of our religion. Its not just classical music.

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