Advent Meditation – Dec. 18th

Advent Meditation by Kate Sigford



Tuesday, December 18, 2008




Matthew 3:3


This is the one [John the Baptist] of whom the prophet Isaiah spoke when he said, ‘The voice of one crying out in the wilderness:  “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.” ’


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            I think I heard my first retail Christmas carols before Halloween this year.  I know I saw the first Macy’s Christmas displays in early October.  Christmas seems to start earlier each year and get fancier.  December to-do lists include decorating, cleaning, shopping, inviting guests, and cooking, doing everything in a way that would make Martha Stewart proud.  Somehow our self-worth seems to be directly tied to our ability to produce a seven course Christmas dinner.


            The story of John the Baptist reminds us that there is spiritual work to do before we get to Christmas.  Many people were baptized by John the Baptist, but he told each of them that the true baptizer was Jesus and urged them to repent and prepare for Jesus’ coming.  The season of Advent gives us a time to prepare ourselves for Jesus by making sure there is room for him in our hearts.  Spend some time on internal housekeeping and clear a space for Jesus in your heart.





Kate Sigford


One response to “Advent Meditation – Dec. 18th

  1. The Record of John

    Consumerism is the driver of pretty well everything for most folks.

    This is how to do Christmas. Throughout the year think of nice things, generally inexpensive or free for folks and hoard them till christmas and then wrap them up, thus avoiding Chistmas Shopping. Set ones expectations at the appropriate level. Spend time with people, so no sitting around watching the “idiots lantern” or for that matter developing an extensive blog. Going for a walk with the folks you are with. If someone actually likes making the Christmas Dinner, and there are some people out there, well do it, otherwise keep it simple. Avoid all the false expectations, the stress, dissapointment and actually enables enjoyment in life.

    Additionally from those economics wonks….. it is a more efficient use of capital to not give lavish gifts that people won’t use and thus have no economic benefit.

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