Remembering Norma

By Canon Carey

For as long as I can recall, Norma Katzakian was an integral part of our cathedral family. She served on the vestry, was director of acolytes and was a positive influence in our life and ministry. Her passing in 2004 created a void in the hearts of all of us who loved her and shared in her ministry.

Although Norma is no longer with us physically, her influence is still felt in many ways, especially in championing our youth and reaching out to those in need. How she would have loved our outreach to Jed Smith School.  Norma was a natural teacher and a lover of children, and her spirit continues to inspire us.

Among Norma’s many talents was that of writer.  She created a delightful book of stories about growing up in the 1930s, setting the scene here in Sacramento. She entitled her book Naomi but I suspect that it was really about Norma, her adventures, and the colorful people she encountered as a youngster of that time and place.

One way to remember Norma would be to let her speak to us through her book. Sharing it with children who will discover what it was like to grow up in Northern California as a child of parents who had emigrated here from another country.

Her book, Naomi, is available in the Cathedral Bookshop for $4.95.  What a wonderful way for us to remember Norma and to pass on her gift of self to others….especially this coming Christmas.

Naomi  is a delightful “read for both grown-ups and children, who will delight in the adventures of a precocious child whose curiosity is unbounded. Pick up a copy for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life, and remember someone special in our lives, Norma Katzakian, (aka Naomi).


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