Bishop Beisner’s comments after the election

Dear Friends in Christ:

At last, it is over. I can hardly remember what life was like before this recent presidential election campaign. It seemed as if it had been going on forever, and would never end. But it has ended, and the ending is truly historic. Tuesday night, with its multiple media announcements of a decision, moving speeches by each of the two candidates, and televised scenes of great celebration, has already taken its place in our memories as another of those “Where were you when…?” moments.

As usual, the people of our Diocese covered the entire spectrum in their electoral choices. We are at one and the same time very Red and very Blue. I hope that every one of us feels that we have been good Christian stewards and voted well on all that was before us on our ballots. I say that not with regard to the color-coding of the actual choices we made, but in reference to our voting in an informed and prayerful manner, with Christ’s Kingdom in view. God acts in human history to accomplish God’s mission. Did we help or hinder that movement? We are accountable to God for our use of the gift of our citizenship.

Pastorally, this will be a time for us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep over the various outcomes of the election. With regard to Proposition 8, I was clear with you where I stood and why, and so it won’t surprise you that I am very saddened by its passage. Whatever your own decision with regard to that particular ballot measure, I ask that we all be especially mindful of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, who have just experienced a deeply hurtful loss. This is a time to show true compassion.

Finally: the politicians are fond of saying it as a way of signing off; for Christians, it should always be nothing less than an earnest prayer: God bless America. With it should also come the admonition: Bless God, America.

In Christ,



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